The following conditions apply to all offers, quotes, products sold and deliveries, unless there are deviating legal regulations or agreed otherwise in writing. The customer's sales conditions are not accepted, unless confirmed by us in writing.



a) Orders are only binding if they have been confirmed by us in writing. Orders can only be ordered via the order page provided on the website, all other ways of ordering are not valid and, unless otherwise agreed, will not be accepted. b) When orders are delivered to a third party, the orderer is considered the principal and responsible. When the delivery is for the benefit of a third party or the recipient of the delivery becomes richer through the receipt or use of the delivery, the ordering party and the recipient of the delivery are joint principal and therefor both responsible. By placing such an order, the ordering party tacitly assures that there is an agreement for this. c) For orders on behalf of a third party, in their own name or not, the orderer and recipient of the invoice are jointly regarded as the customer and therefor both responsible. If, after the invoicing has taken place, a change of the invoice in another name takes place according to the order of the orderer, this implies an implied acknowledgment of debt by the recipient of the invoice. By giving such an order, the orderer ensures that there is an agreement for this with the recipient of the invoice. d) Delivery periods are fundamentally considered to be non-binding. The terms stated in the offer or in the order confirmation correspond to the respective planning status. If they are not met, an appropriate margin must be given. When that margin has expired, the customer can withdraw from the contract, not before. Until this time, the products and services already produced and received by the customer will be charged. e) Fixed terms are only valid if we confirm these in writing as a fixed term (binding term). In the case of fixed periods, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract immediately and without additional costs if it is exceeded. Until the withdrawal is notified in writing, the products and services already produced and received by the customer will be charged. f) In case of force majeure or circumstances that make the execution of accepted orders impracticable or more difficult, we have the right to withdraw from the contract, even with confirmed and already in progress orders, the size of the order. reduce or execute the order later and this to the exclusion of any compensation whatsoever. An agreed term is extended by the duration of the delay. We cannot be held liable in these cases.



a) We execute all orders, unless agreed otherwise in writing, on the basis of the files supplied or forwarded by the customer. The files can be supplied in the file formats indicated by us. We cannot guarantee a flawless finish for non-standard file formats, unless this format has been accepted by us in writing. The customer is responsible for the completeness and correctness of the files, even if errors occur with regard to the transfer of the files or with regard to the data carrier, for which we have no responsibility. b) Deliveries of various kinds by the customer or by a third party engaged by him (this also applies to data carriers or files sent) must not be checked by us. (This does not apply to seemingly unprocessable or illegible files). When transferring data, the customer must always use up-to-date antivirus software for transmission. The insurance of the data is at the expense of the customer. We have the right to make copies. c) All orders, insofar as all conditions have been met, are immediately processed and cannot be canceled afterwards. When the design has to be adapted to the wishes of the customer, a digital proof must always be approved, without a written “good for print” by the customer, printing cannot be carried out.



a) On printing products, the customer can refer to us in an appropriate manner, use our logo for this, with the appropriate discount. Permission to use our logo may be refused on printing with political, religious or philosophical messages. We also assume that our logo is already applied to the printing! We charge a fee for the application of our logo by our services. b) We reserve the right, even without the express permission of the customer, to send copies of the order as a sample to third parties.



Agreements with regard to regular and / or resale orders, for which a contract has been concluded in writing, can be terminated with a term of at least three months at the end of each month.



The customer has full responsibility if the rights of a third party, in particular copyrights, are violated by the performance of his assignment. The customer declares that he is in possession of the rights to produce and reproduce the images of the supplied file. The customer indemnifies us from all liability that third parties can assert by law or regulation.



a) The customer must in any case check whether the delivered goods as well as the pre- and intermediate products sent for improvement are in accordance with the contract. The risk for possible errors is transferred to the customer with the printing or with the release to production, insofar as these are not errors that only occurred or could be seen in the phase that follows production. The same applies to all other statements of release from the customer. Shortcomings can be sent immediately and in writing, within eight days. b) Returns of any kind must be agreed with us. Goods returned without postage will not be accepted. In case of justified complaints, we reimburse the shipping costs or have a courier come by. c) With different reproductions during different stages of the production process, no objection can be made against small color deviations from the original. The same applies technically to the comparison between other models, for example between proofs and prints, even when they are made by us, and the end product or with different types of paper. d) For deviations in the quality of the material used, we are only responsible for the value of the order. Liability ceases to apply if the customer delivers the material himself, such as when stickers are affixed to an applied surface. e) If the customer, also on request, has not provided a printout of the files to be printed and has not ordered a proof, we are not liable for any liability. Complaints are not recognized in this case. f) Shortcomings in part of the delivered goods do not give the right to challenge the full delivery (unless the partial delivery is of no interest to the customer) g) The customer must take into account that over- or less deliveries up to 10% of the ordered quantity are possible. h) In case of shortcomings of the delivered products caused by us, we have the right to decide ourselves to make improvements or replacements. If the improvement goes wrong, the customer has the choice between a discount on the sales price or the cancellation of the contract. i) Further requirements of the customer, on whatever legal basis, are excluded. We are not liable for damage that has nothing to do with the delivered product. Included are lost profit and other financial loss of the customer. This also applies to all damage caused by our employees, representatives and auxiliary staff. j) For damage due to delay and breach of duty in connection with the obligations described in the contract, we are only liable insofar as this damage was foreseeable. k) When changes are made to the delivered product by the customer or a third party, our responsibility is excluded, unless the customer can prove that the changes are not the cause of the error or damage. l) All sent designs are handled with the utmost care. In case of damage or loss we are only liable for the value of the material. Further claims of any kind are excluded. m) For consumers, the legal regulations regarding the guarantee apply. n) Refunds for goods already produced or in production are excluded, as these are all personalized products that cannot be resold to third parties. It is possible to cancel goods that have not yet been produced or that are not yet in production, but when the online process of the order has already started, it is not possible to cancel the order. For the refund of online payments, an amount of 3% can be subtracted, as these are bank charges.



a) Our current online price list applies to our products and services, unless other prices have been agreed with us in writing. b) The prices stated on the shop are exclusive VAT and inclusive delivery. When shipping abroad, if applicable, during the checkout the price for shipping is calculated on the basis of the address of delivery and the VAT rate will be applied. c) Adjusting an order, after it has been processed by us and the invoice has been received, is no longer possible. For adjustments, the entire assignment will have to be canceled and re-entered with the correct data. For security reasons, invoices can no longer be adjusted by us after approval of the order. d) Adjustments to delivered or forwarded files and / or equivalent preparations requested by the customer are charged separately and are not included in the price of an item. If the supplied files do not suffice as a print-ready file, the option "Making your file Print ready" must be chosen during the order. This option is not for design work, only for conversion. e) For design work, please contact a design partner. Invoices, payments, agreements regarding the layout of an Artwork or making a print-ready file with a design partner are directly arranged by the chosen partner and are not included in the price of the printing. f) For adjusting an invoice, because of the forgotten input of VAT number or incorrect invoice address, a cost of 15 GBP will be charged. The orderer is responsible for entering the correct information during the order, not us.



a) The delivery takes place at the delivery address in Europe indicated by the orderer. b) The shipment is at the expense of the customer, at the agreed rate during the order, which is already charged on the invoice. c) From the moment the goods are transferred to a courier, freight forwarder or postal service when leaving our company, the goods travel at the risk of the customer. Liability also transfers to the customer for free deliveries and deliveries where the costs are worne by us. All shipments are in standard, unless otherwise agreed, and are delivered according to the conditions of the courier, carrier or postal service. d) Any shipment where an external damage can be found, can only be accepted by the customer after the damage has been determined by the courier, freight forwarder or postal service. If this did not happen, there is no way to recover the damage from the courier, freight forwarder or postal service. All packages leave the warehouse of the printing company without damage. The seller is not liable for damage.



a) All delivered goods remain the property of the seller until all conditions or payments are met. In the event of non-payment, the seller reserve the right to collect, demand or have the product or what is left returned until full payment has been made. b) The requirements of the contractual partner from possible resale of our goods are transferred to us. They serve as a guarantee to the extent of the goods. When our goods are sold by the contracting partner together with other goods not sold by us, the transfer of resale requirements only applies to half the value of the resale of our sold goods. c) Third-party claims on our goods and requirements can be immediately communicated by the contractual partner.



a) An online payment applies to all assignments, unless agreed otherwise, such as for government services. b) In the event of payment on invoice, if there is a risk that the execution of the payment will be jeopardized as a result of a deterioration in the customer's assets after conclusion of the assignment, we have the right to demand an advance payment, goods behind and cease further processing. We also have these rights if the customer is behind with the payment of the goods already delivered. However, upon discontinuation, the articles already produced will still have to be paid. c) The customer can only settle claims with us if they have been legally confirmed, undisputed or recognized by us. d) Rights to withhold goods can only be challenged by the direct customer and not by a third party. e) Claims against us are not transferable. f) If the recipient of the order was unable to receive the parcels and if the parcels are returned to the print company, there is no refund for the product or shipping and the customer will be charged a new shipment. g) Unless otherwise agreed, all payments can be made online after ordering. For payments with invoice date, a 30-day payment term applies. No longer is allowed and strictly followed. h) In the event of late payment of invoices within the 30-day period, an administrative cost stated on the invoice will be charged, which must be paid prior to a subsequent order.



The invoices we prepare are subject to possible errors. We can issue a new, corrected invoice to the customer no later than 4 weeks after the arrival of the invoice. Under penalty of forfeiture of rights, if the invoice is incorrect, your complaint or protest must be made by registered letter and within 8 days after receipt of the goods. If no complaint has been received within this period, this has the consequence that the customer has fully and completely accepted the delivered articles and invoice.



a) Within trading, unless a different agreement has been concluded, the trade conditions of the printing industry (for example, no obligation to return intermediate products such as files, lithographs or printing plates, which were made to enable the production of the final product due) apply. b) For any creative performance performed by us on behalf of the customer (especially graphic design, image and text editing, layouts, etc.), all rights are reserved by us (copyright). The customer only pays a fee for the services provided and not for the property rights or the rights to further multiplication. The copyright can be delivered to the customer or to a third party for a fee if so agreed in writing. In this case, the rights will only transfer to the customer or third party when the agreed fee has been paid.



a) The data sent to us in connection with an order will only be stored for processing within the company b) All data supplied or forwarded by the customer, in particular designs, files and data carriers, will be stored after the order has been placed only kept after written agreement and for an additional fee. If these matters need to be insured, the customer must take care of this himself, if this was not agreed. Liability by us for damage or loss, for whatever reason, is excluded. c) For the retrieval of data in the archive, that is, the search for, decompression and preparation of files from the archive for further processing, a fee of 15 GBP is charged for every assignment that is in the archive. d) Sending files or other assignment documents to the customer or third party has to be payed for. The fixed amount per shipment, or digitally send, is 15 GBP plus freight and / or courier costs.



The terms of use are governed by Belgian law with the express exclusion of UN sales law.



The sole competent court for all requirements related to the business relationship is in the district of the seller. We also have the right to lodge a complaint with the competent court of the customer. However, this does not apply to the consumer.



Insofar as the conditions of the general terms and conditions of sale described above are or become ineffective in whole or in part, the other conditions still apply. The ineffective condition is replaced according to statutory regulations.


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